Prepare The Lawn For the Barbecue

Throwing a massive barbecue can be quite an intimidating process and it could only be made worse if the grass has gotten out of control over the winter. Put yourself in the shoes of Bobby Barbecue who has just invited 150 of his best mates (that’s alot of mates) over to his place for a big cook up. Bobby has been out of town the past days and the grass has just shot up due to the great downfall of rain the past week.

Mowing this lawn will take some strategy and luck for ol’ Bobby, he has just the right tool in the shed. After reading all the zero turn mower reviews, he finally picked out a sweet 42 inch cutting deck ZTR for the yard last summer. This little beauty will zoom around the yard at 6 miles per hour and cut a super tight and nice looking lawn.

The latest ZTR come equipped with power engines that have great filtration systems for ensuring that all the debris and rubbish flying through the blades during mowing does not enter into the engine ventilation system. The other advantage of the ZTR mower system is their efficient use to the drive belts that run the blades. Older mowers will go through many drive belts due to fast wear and tear, but on the latest models this is not the case.

Bobby has a yard of 3 acres with a pool and garden scattered throughout. Manoeuvring around the yard is also a no brainer with this mower as it’s zero turn radius means it curves around almost all curves and corners in one go. It takes Bobby around an hour to cover the whole yard. He even has a roof top of the mower so that he is protected from the heat of the sun’s rays. Add in the bonus drink holder and Bobby could be out there all day mowing the lawn.

After the cut is done, the grass looked great and now the preparation for the cooking can start. He will be heading down to Kitchen and Home Brew Supply to set up his home brew kit. He already brews his own beers but to cater for a crowd of this size, he will need to expand the set up.

Good luck Bobby!