How to Brew

When you have your own little bar in your room and you want to impress guests, brewing will do the trick. Check out this article with quick steps on how to brew like a boss.

1. Choosing the Basics

You can convert your malted barley from starch to sugar or just buy an extract. For beginners, it would be best to have a professional get an extract instead. This guide will help you with extracted barley.

Either with your own convert or an extracted substance, you have to pick a kind of brew and recipe. You should read up on the grains from your chosen recipe and mill it before brewing. There is also the choice of purchasing pre-milled grain.

2. Getting the Hot Break

With an extract in hand, you are ready to brew. First, get your water boiling. If you think it would boil over, reduce the heat. Stir once in a while as you boil. It is important to aim for a light boil. Wait until your hot break. You will see the wort foam

3. Making Stable Compounds

After the hot break, put in the bittering hops. Get your timer to have it boil for an hour. This will make stable compounds from volatile odorous oils.

4. Putting in Flavor and Aroma

Although you have the timer for an hour, at 45 minutes you should put in the flavor hops. When the hour has finished, add the aroma hops.

5. Cooling Off

Cool the wort quickly. A since full of ice water will be helpful. It should ideally become 75 degrees.

6. Prepping for Fermenting

Before the fermenting process, check if all your brewing supplies are sanitized then move on to this step.
When the wort is cool, put it roughly in the fermentation bucket. This will help dissolve oxygen. Put a little of the substance in a hydrometer, check for 1.000 water gravity. It will check how much sugar dissolved. It may seem like a long process but you’d taste best results from waiting.

7. Waiting…

Put in yeast in the wort. Strongly aerate it. In a bucket of sanitizer, put in the blow-off tube. For two weeks, you will have to wait until your substance gets Final Gravity. A beer thief can check a sample. After waiting, you would be ready for the bottling process.